2018 – 2019 Laptop Minimum and Recommended Specifications for Undergraduate Students

Workstation Requirements

Program-Specific Laptop Requirements

Craftsmanship, Music, Computer Science, Engineering, Business and EDP Students

The best gaming Laptop in 2018

Underneath you will locate the MINIMUM and RECOMMENDED PC details for PC figuring at the University of Denver. These details ought to be utilized as direction when settling on choices on conveying a PC to DU.

Least details are for the individuals who are picking not to purchase another workstation and need to convey a current one to DU.

Suggested particulars are for the individuals who are acquiring another PC and need direction on which determinations to run with. Likewise please visit our Preferred Vendors rundown to one side. As a dependable guideline, in the event that you are purchasing another workstation, most, if not all, particulars will be fine. In any case, these rules will furnish you with a decent beginning stage.

A note on Netbooks: Netbooks are winding up more well known with their low costs. On the off chance that considering purchasing a netbook, it is encouraged to remain with Intel Atom processors and Windows 7. Additionally think about boosting the measure of RAM and hard drive space. Netbooks are really reasonable for essential web perusing and word preparing and are not prescribed for understudies whose requirements are over these fundamental capacities. If you don’t mind counsel the unique necessities for majors by the connections gave above to check whether netbooks are satisfactory. Netbooks are NOT feasible answers for sound/video/web generation and outline, database work, and math/designing applications.

Note: If settling on acquiring a Mac, please contact your program counsel first. Business, Engineering, Mathematics and Science classes may require utilization of Windows just programming. For instance, some Accounting classes in the Business school may expect you to utilize MS Access, which is just accessible in the Office suite for Windows. On the off chance that you require Windows just programming it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to buy a Windows PC. It would be ideal if you contact the IT Help Center before obtaining a Mac if Windows is a prerequisite.

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