Back in March, F&S representative manager Dave Hurteau headed out to Kentucky to meet with me and previous bows and arrows expert shop proprietor Danny Hinton for our yearly leader bow and crossbow shootout. As usual, we burned through four entire days shooting, estimating, taking notes, doing the math, and contending.

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Bunches of belligerence. This year, the crossbow test was commanded by a newcomer that just overwhelmed the opposition—despite the fact that the opposition was solid. The compound test was a significantly more tightly race, with just 2.5 focuses isolating the best three. Here’s the scoop.

In the wake of gathering, weighing (with degree), and locating in the bows, we assessed each for precision, speed and vitality, commotion, taking care of, fit and complete, trigger force, positioning exertion, and security. For exactness, we took the normal of two three-shot gatherings shot from a Lead Sled rest at 25 yards into a Rinehart X-Bow Bag target.

We gauged speed with a chronograph, utilizing plant gave jolts and field focuses, which we additionally weighed for motor vitality figurings. We measured clamor by means of a tripod-mounted decibel meter, and trigger-pull weights with a Lyman trigger scale.

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